Dog training

Cabela’s Useful Dog Training Equipment

Dogs are lifelong learners. Training your pup helps build his confidence, strengthens your bond, and keeps him mentally stimulated. Positive reinforcement is also found to go a long way in helping your dog stay healthy and happy in the long run, according to some studies. Keep these treats handy to let them know they did a good job.

To teach your dog, Cabela’s has great equipment to build good dog etiquette on walks, play safe, dog park behavior, and even swim.

Exploit their potential

Want to avoid a tangled leash or sore arm if your pup is a puller? This comfortable dog harness reduces stress on your furry friend’s neck and joints and increases your control during sidewalk run-ins with other dogs. It is padded, adjustable and elasticated for a perfect fit.

Choose a durable leash with multiple clip options

A strong leash with a comfortable grip is essential for teaching your dog to be a good walker. This one has a top clip if you like to walk your dog attached to your belt, as well as a sturdy moveable D-ring so you can customize the length of your leash. For dog training, this level of control is a safer bet than retractable leashes.

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Minimize risks in stressful situations

Using a muzzle can be one of the hardest things for a pet parent to go through, however, contrary to their appearance, they are useful tools for training and keeping your pet safe. If your puppy is always socialized at the dog park and tends to show aggression, a muzzle can be a good tool. If your dog is anxious or injured, he may bite or lick the painful area, which can make the problem worse. A muzzle can help you get them to the vet without injury – read these tips from the American Kennel Club first.

Set boundaries at home

A buried fence allows your four-legged friend to run around the yard, while letting him know his limits. This system works by sending a radio signal to the receiver collar and comes with 50 boundary training flags to mark their play area.

Help them paddle safely

Some dogs start swimming like a duck in water, but others don’t. If you’re teaching your fur baby to swim or making him more comfortable in the water, a floatation vest can make him less anxious and keep him safe, especially if you’re going on a boat trip or spending the day in the water. edge of a lake. . Plus, is there anything cuter than a dog wearing a life jacket? We will wait.

Set regular meal times

This durable, BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel bowl features a non-slip ring on the bottom to keep it in place so mealtime turns into a crazy mess when your adorable chowhound drools. Most pet experts recommend stainless steel because it won’t break and it’s hygienic. And, just like your favorite human Yeti gear, this bowl is dishwasher safe and built to last.

Accustom them to travel

Training your dog to be comfortable in a backpack is a great way to help him be a non-anxious traveler. This Kurgo backpack is perfect for taking your tech and your pet wherever you go – hiking, subway, work. It has plenty of pockets like a laptop sleeve and an iPad pocket, as well as ventilation and a removable and washable interior pad to keep your four-legged friend comfortable. Oh, and there’s a bottle opener.

Keep them warm and dry

Maybe training your dog to look like the cutest hipster on the block isn’t a requirement, but we’ll still recommend it. Made to the same quality as your human Carhartt jacket, this little chore coat is designed to keep your best friend warm and dry in wet weather and has two small utility pockets to store her favorite toy to take to the dog park.