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Bullitt County Schools Offer Virtual Program

BULLITT COUNTY – Schools in Bullitt County will be offering a new program for their students this fall.

Students in grades 2 to 12 can enroll in the Bullitt Virtual Learning Academy (BVLA) in August 2021. The academy will offer students the opportunity to learn in a virtual environment.

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  • Bullitt Virtual Learning Academy (BVLA) will be offered to students in grades 2 to 12
  • Students can enroll in BVLA from August 2021
  • Students can earn an associate degree

“Children with medical needs, anxious needs, children that we don’t necessarily want to annoy, they don’t want to sit in a school and go to the rhythm of a traditional semester”, Danny Clemens, director of the Specialty school programs for Bullitt County public schools said. “Sometimes we have to get out of the way and these kids really sparkle. They are gifted learners and they let them take double credit courses, let them take college courses, let them graduate earlier. Really, this program allows us to think outside the box.

Students who choose the virtual platform can decide where they want to participate in distance learning. Students will still be able to participate in extracurricular activities such as marching band, sports, academic team, prom, graduation, etc.

Grades 11 and 12 who enroll are on track to prepare for college or career. BVLA allows students to attend virtual classes while earning an associate degree.

Bullitt County Schools are also working with the Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) to offer new courses focused on information technology and business.

“Did they provide these CTEs [Career and Technical Education] paths inside of it. We are also partnering with JCTC to have double credit inside courses, especially with IT, Business, and Marketing, and a child could potentially come out with an Associate degree in their four years. from high school to virtual academy, ”says Clemens.

BVLA is a full year engagement, and students should have good attendance, attend morning meetings, and come in person when additional help, counseling or testing is needed. High school students are required to take CTE courses.

“We have seen the demand there from our families. It was a service they wanted, and we just want to make sure that we meet the needs of our children and the wants of our families to make sure our students are successful, ”said Clemens.

Students who do not progress towards obtaining credits are subject to the intervention of the student support team and will be placed on a probationary period.

Applications are currently open for BVLA. Applications for high school students will close this month and applications for middle school and primary students will close on June 4.

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