Best Koski Dog Showman for the 2nd year

For the second year in a row, Katrina Koski won first prize Monday at the Fayette County Junior Fair Dog Show: Best Canine Showman.

Koski, who is an attendant for the Fayette County Fair Queen at this year’s fair, was also named the overall lead winner and highest combined winner, which is the highest combined score in obedience and the highest score in staging. The big winner was Laine Holstein.

In 2020, Koski won the General Canine Showman Award while showing “Zoey”, an Austrian Shepherd, who sadly passed away after battling cancer. This year Koski had to train a 6 month old Great Dane service dog “Phoenix” and get him ready for the big show.

“I’m really excited to win again, especially since I was showing a puppy this year,” Koski said after her win. “It’s much more difficult to train a 6 month old puppy because he often acts like a puppy. But (Monday) he did very well.

Koski is a member of the Perfect Paws and Charm ‘N Farm 4-H clubs. This is his ninth year in 4-H.

She will graduate from the online school Acellus Academy, taking a year off, then applying to Ohio State University in the fall of 2022 for a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a double minor in disability studies and human and animal interactions. . Over her nine years, Koski has completed a variety of projects including, but not limited to, dogs, pet rabbits, alpacas, health, nutrition, and art.

Koski is currently a Jr. Fair board member as well as a 4-H camp counselor. Following the performance held in the activity tent near the sales arena, Koski was presented with a chair and a banner.

Several other exhibitors achieved a high level of success at Monday’s dog show:

In obedience classes: Lynnon Haines won the Beginner Novice A class, Katrina Koski won the Beginner Novice B class, Laine Holstein won the Novice A class and Colton Osborne won the Pre-Novice class.

In showmanship classes: Lynnon Haines won Intermediate Showmanship A class, Lane Holstein won Intermediate Showmanship B class, Colton Osborne won Junior Showmanship B class and Katrina Koski won Senior Showmanship B class.

In the rally classes, Lynnon Haines won the Rally Novice A class, Garren Walker won the Rally Novice B class and Laine Holstein won the Rally Novice C class.

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The Junior Fair Dog Show began Monday morning at the Fayette County Fair. Several exhibitors showed off their skills, including Lynnon Haines (middle) with her dog “Leia”.

Several other exhibitors achieved a high level of success at Monday’s dog show, including class winners (left to right): Colton Osborne, Laine Holstein, Garren Walker, Katrina Koski and Lynnon Haines.

Katrina Koski won the overall dog showman award for the second year in a row on Monday at the Fayette County Junior Dog Show. Koski is pictured with her 6 month old Great Dane service dog, “Phoenix”.

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