Dog training

Benefits of Dog Training and Socialization

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – During the pandemic, many people have found themselves bringing home a pet, due to an increase in time spent at home and working remotely. Well, when things started to pick up, some struggled to maintain that work-life balance.

But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. January is National Train Your Dog Month and to get a better idea of ​​good training practices, I took my best friend Copper to an agility class at Zoom Room Dog Training, a new training center of Dogs located on Coffee Road, so we can give you a first-hand look at what to do.

“It can be frustrating, but we’re here to help,” said Jared Vaughan, owner and head trainer of Zoom Room.

In fact, making sure your pet is well trained will not only improve his behavior when he’s alone, but it will also help create that bond between the pet and the people who love him.

“That’s what we want. We want to give you and the dogs the tools to be successful here in our gym and out there in the real world,” Vaughan said. “Being permanent residents of Bakersfield, we love our community and that the people of Bakersfield are very dog-centric and friendly.”

The facility offers a variety of classes, including obedience, agility, group classes, and private training. For many people, dog training can be daunting…either because their pet has been unresponsive in the past, or because the owners don’t know where to start.

“We find the positive reinforcement we do strongly motivates the dog to do what we ask him to do,” Vaughan said. “Start with basic commands like sit or lie down. Just make the dog work with you, make that dog focus on you.

If you start by training your dog and he doesn’t react immediately, or even backs down, don’t be discouraged.

Some say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s really not true. All it takes is a little support and a positive attitude.

And giving your dog that extra exercise and social engagement with other animals will not only help improve his behavior both indoors and outdoors, but give him the mental stimulation he needs to improve his overall quality of life. .

“Classes like agility help the dog get exercise, but also run, have fun,” Vaughan said. “Owners seem to have a lot of fun seeing their dog overcome something they didn’t think they could do.”

If you are interested in some training courses, you can check out Zoom Room Dog Training. It’s open seven days a week. You can also book the gym for special occasions, playgroups, or just keep an eye out for their canine social events.