Training program

Beerbaum and Helgstrand join forces to launch training program for young equestrian talent


Ludger Beerbaum and Andreas Helgstrand joined forces earlier this year in the Global Equestrian Group. Today, Olympic riders and equestrian entrepreneurs are running an innovative training program called Master Rider Education for talented show jumping and dressage riders.

“To perform at the highest level in sport, it is no longer enough to have a good horse,” says Ludger Beerbaum, four-time Olympic champion, partner of the Global Equestrian Group and founder of Beerbaum Stables. “The ability to consistently stay on top of the sport requires a lot of knowledge, good horses, good care and smart training.”

Running a successful business in the modern equestrian industry

Running a business with horses has taken it to the next level. “Understanding the key aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur and running a profitable business in the modern equestrian industry is very important. I wish this training program existed when I was young and had big dreams, ”says Olympic rider Andreas Helgstrand, CEO of the Global Equestrian Group and founder of Helgstrand Dressage.

Focus on personal development

The global equestrian group is launching the Master Rider training with a focus on the equestrian sport and industry of today and tomorrow. The training program consists of theory and practice, with a strong emphasis on personal development. The theory inspires, is relevant to runners and athletic performance, and provides students with in-depth knowledge that can be applied directly in practice.

Transmit important knowledge

Andreas Helgstrand underlines how important it is to train young adults for the future of equestrian sport: “We have learned so much in the last decades and I would like to pass this knowledge on. Ludger Beerbaum agrees and looks back on his own career with appreciation: “When I was 15, professionals like Hermann Schridde and Paul Schockemöhle opened doors for me which allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge. This period has undoubtedly had an incredible impact. about my career. I would like to do the same for others.

Source: Ludger Beerbaum press release