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AVIZVA launches comprehensive development training program for new talent


The Intensive Full-Stack Development Training is a 14-week program that promises to be a carefully guided program led by leading industry mentors.

AVIZVA, one of the fastest growing technology companies with its development center in India, recently announced the launch of a comprehensive development training program exclusively for new members of its team. As part of the program, the company will equip young talent with the essential knowledge and skills needed to launch their careers in technology.

The Intensive Full-Stack Development Training is a 14-week program that promises to be a carefully guided program led by leading industry mentors. It will be a rewarding mix of classroom and hands-on training followed by learning with practical work and life assessments. In addition, team members will benefit from extensive and rigorous exposure while working on real projects. With the launch of this program, AVIZVA goes beyond creating employment opportunities, the organization looks forward to establishing a solid foundation for young talents taking their first steps in the technology sector. To fulfill the program’s commitment, AVIZVA has partnered with Hero Vired, a provider of new era technology education in India. Commenting on the launch, Ms. Shveta Raina, AVP, Marketing Communication & People Strategy, AVIZVA said: “Over the years AVIZVA has been a learning ground for many talented associates who started their careers with us. They have gained rich and immense exposure by building many future-oriented products for our customers around the world – today some of our associates have multiplied and are leading practices. This has been possible because AVIZVA establishes a very solid foundation with adequate training, mentoring and rewarding work experience. We are happy to formalize our years of strategy and expand our program to new talent across the country ”

As a forward-looking company, AVIZVA looks at the needs of tomorrow, while remaining relevant to today’s technology. He also feels that it is imperative that fellowship members also remain competitive and that each AVIZVA associate grows as they go.

“The millennial workforce is the generation that grew up with technology as an indispensable part of their lives and, as a result, became different from their previous generations, in terms of living through the overwhelmingly positive disruptions. Today, the aspirations of a young tech professional are more defined than they have ever been. Thus, as an employer, we deploy many e ff orts to develop the immense potential of our young and dynamic associates ”, added Mr. Rohan Gupta, Vice-President, Delivery, AVIZVA.

AVIZVA also introduced the Big Leap program, an initiative that enables emerging talent to leap to success. This is an accelerated career program for exceptionally successful young associates at AVIZVA – which aims to reduce the long ladder to leadership. As a strong supporter of fostering excellence, AVIZVA conceptualized the program to support young, radiant associates towards achieving their professional aspirations. After being identified and hand-picked, these promising associates will follow a three-year guided career development program. The program will focus on providing dedicated mentoring and personalized training to program participants. A journey of about 6 to 7 years for an associate to become a technology manager is packed at three years by this specially organized training mechanism.


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