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Author Tom Brenneman’s new book ‘Vom Kaiserhofe Police Dog Training’ is an informative guide for investigative K-9s instructors

The recent publication “Vom Kaiserhofe Police Dog Training” by Covenant Books author Tom Brenneman is an essential guide for all instructors, handlers, and decoys to achieve effective and lasting results in K-9 training.

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June 14, 2022

SHAWNEE, Kansas, June 14, 2022 ( –
Tom Brenneman, K-9 Police Supervisor, Handler, Trainer and Judge with over 37 years of law enforcement experience, has completed his new book, “Vom Kaiserhofe Police Dog Training“: An Informative Guide to work with a K-9.

Brenneman shares, “[Through this text] You will learn:

“About the different behaviors of dogs and how understanding the complexity of behaviors can be the most important aspect of K-9 behavior, which can help you in selection testing and training your dog police: maintenance training, recommended equipment, including the proper use of the remote training collar.

“Detection dog training, handler skills and how to teach police K-9 self-discovery. Case law for detection dogs and how it can help you on the street and in court. Detection dog training policy and applicable case law.

“Police service dog training, bite development and how to identify problems and make appropriate corrections. Patrol and detection dog certification and selection test how to test your next police service dog. Obedience training for the police service dog. Building search, area search, and using the police K-9 in high-risk situations. Your police service dog and the law, including the police service dog as a recourse to strength, and how inadequate and inconsistent training can get you in trouble.

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Tom Brenneman’s new book draws on his personal experiences working with K-9s to provide a comprehensive guide to training dogs to achieve lasting results. and efficient.

Readers can purchase “Vom Kaiserhofe Police Dog Training” in bookstores around the world or online at the Apple iTunes, Amazon or Barnes and Noble store.

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