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ATX Launches Field Training Program to Address Labor Shortage in Cable Industry

SAN DIEGO–()–ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, today unveiled its Field Personnel Replenishment Program (FPRP), a cable technician training initiative led by the the company’s recently expanded professional services organization.

The mission of the program is to work with community colleges and other vocational training centers to provide the cable industry with a steady stream of qualified field technicians needed to overcome critical labor shortages and help MSO to carry out their ambitious HFC evolution projects. The ATX-developed program, which adds an additional four to eight weeks of cable-specific training to an already intensive training program for powerline workers, produces graduates with a ready-to-use skill set, including a commercial driver’s license, the ability to operate a bucket truck, proficiency in coaxial and fiber splicing, meter reading, and other skills needed to upgrade and maintain cable installations.

“Our MSO customers tell us daily that the biggest hurdle in their path to keeping customers happy and competitors at bay over the next few years is access to a strong, highly skilled workforce,” said Bob Murphy, senior vice president of business services. to ATX. “Like any good partner, ATX immediately recognized that in addition to providing the cable community with the technology and equipment needed to revitalize their networks, we also needed to help MSOs build a capable workforce. to install and operate all of these innovations without costly delays.”

The labor pool of qualified technicians has been shrinking for several years. Many cable operators hired about two decades ago, coinciding with their last major network expansion, have retired, taking with them the knowledge needed to extend the bandwidth and speed of existing HFC networks. ATX’s FPRP initiative was created to alleviate existing resource constraints by injecting a new generation of skilled technicians into the workforce as the broadband industry enters another cycle of expansion.

The exhaustion of the existing workforce poses a significant challenge to cable operators, many of whom have been forced to accelerate facility upgrades in the face of unprecedented challenges from fiber overbuilders and FTTH service providers recently. supported by a massive wave of public funding for the expansion of broadband infrastructure. MSOs will need hundreds, if not thousands, of new workers to ensure that cable operators can upgrade their networks quickly enough to compete with fiber operators and other competitors over the next decade or more.

Among ATX’s initial FPRP partners is Cape Fear Community College (CFCC), a North Carolina educational institution whose mission is to provide training and workforce development opportunities for high quality, dynamic, innovative, educational, cultural, to individuals and local businesses and industries. ATX’s FPRP offers graduates of CFCC’s lineman training program the opportunity to take an additional training course, designed by ATX, that will augment their training with cable-specific job skills.

“The program has been a huge success so far and we look forward to working with ATX to equip prospective students with the skills needed to secure meaningful and financially rewarding careers in the tech industry for years to come,” said Emily Holt, director. workforce preparation programs at CFCC. “Many of our students are veterans and other adults looking to expand their professional opportunities while making valuable contributions to society. This program is a win-win for our community and the cable industry.

FPRP’s goal is to place graduates with cable operators, ATX partner third-party contractors, or ATX directly. ATX is currently working to expand the FPRP to other colleges and vocational training institutions, with the goal of finding educational partners across the United States to create and nurture a much-needed pipeline of qualified cable technicians.

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