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Astro’s Agility Dog Training Seeks New Home to Beat Napa Heat | Company


Astro’s Agility dog ​​training is looking for a new room to run.

The dog training business will close at the Valley Brook Equestrian Center in Napa on July 14 and must find a new location, preferably indoors.

“While Astro’s school has had a wonderful seven years at the Valley Brook Equestrian Center, the school’s growth has necessitated reclaiming the space for their needs, forcing Astro to move on,” a statement said. release from owner Laura Dayton.

Astro’s, home to more than 100 Napa club members, is said to be the Bay Area’s only full-scale agility course. It also offers AKC STAR Puppy training, Paws for Healing certification, AKC Canine Good Citizenship training, and even trick training.

“Racing dogs on an intense agility course in the summer heat is next to impossible,” said Dayton, who has been training dogs in the sport for more than 25 years.

“It’s like track and field, and the dogs are low to the ground and can’t do it when the temperatures are in the 80s and 90s. I can’t afford to fence an outfield, (so) this I’d like to find is an old warehouse or barn.

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The nonprofit provides a tax deduction for landlords, “and our strong community of volunteers guarantees small repairs and improvements to any property they rent out,” Dayton said.

Astro does not require any utilities; it runs on a small generator for the lights and brings its own water for the dogs. They will even provide their own flooring or AstroTurf.

Leaving big paw prints

Astro leaves big paw prints after spending seven years in Valley Brook on El Centro Avenue.

Their Tuesday Nite Fun Runs provided an outlet for amateur agility enthusiasts to run their dogs for fun and free entry for Napans to come watch.

Junior champions range from Sarah Moritz, who competed for three years, to their new junior champion Olivia Mergardt, with her 9-month-old puppy Bella. Ken Sjordal and his dog Phil have been competing for four years.

“We even have seats with our names on them.”

Emily Goweia and her Corgi Penny have been competing for nearly as long and the four are among the fastest racers in school.

Jeanine Christofferson credits Astro with getting her through COVID, giving her a place to go with her poodle Long Tall Sally, and being able to talk to a group of friends outside her home.

Susan Jones, who had Rosebud as a pup and has been coming to Astro for three years, found her third Springer Spaniel a bit more than she could handle at her advanced age.

“Laura held my hand every step of the way, we bought a clamp so she wouldn’t pull me, and now I come with my daughter Val every Sunday. I don’t know what we’ll do without Astro.

Astro’s is one of the only agility schools to offer all 20 obstacles in competition for AKC, NABBA and CPE competitions in the Greater Bay Area, leaving a big hole for anyone who wants to participate in the sport of agility, the statement said.

Astro’s is also unique in providing a school that offers AKC Canine Good Citizenship classes to socialize dogs with other dogs and people so their pets have good leashes and good manners in public and at the parks. dogs.

Astro’s is the only local school accredited to train dogs certified by Paws for Healing to go to hospices, hospitals, private care homes, juvenile detention centers and other incarceration facilities “to bring joy of canine companionship to those who cannot otherwise experience it.”

Dayton said that instead of an enclosed facility, a flat, partially shaded lot — 6,500 to 9,000 square feet — would meet Astro’s needs.

Astro can be reached at [email protected] or 707-704-3863.

You can reach reporter Jennifer Huffman at 707-256-2218 or [email protected]