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Archeology at the Florence facility is the subject of a virtual program

The Historical Society of Rome, 200 Church Street, will host a Live Zoom program with archaeologist Matthew Kirk and Camden High School history teacher Jessica Harney at 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 25.

The program is part of the RHS Archeology Day event and the Fort Stanwix National Monument. The program will cover the current archeology underway at the ancient site of the Florence settlement in the northwest of Oneida County.

Archeology provides an important window into the past, especially when written documentation of a site is scarce or nonexistent. Recent studies have focused on the dark saga of slavery, emancipation, and the pathways to freedom and true citizenship for black New Yorkers.

The Florence Colony arose out of the efforts of Albany civil rights activist Stephen Myers in the late 1840s. Enthusiastic individuals from New York and New England purchased plots of uncleared land for the Agriculture. Unfortunately, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 and other unforeseen difficulties caused the community to collapse soon after.

Today, the region is partially covered with state forests. With the help of students from Camden Central High School, archaeologists are now attempting to uncover the ancient settlement and learn more about its inhabitants.

Kirk and Harney will share their recent findings and what is currently known about the rise and fall of Florence’s farming community in the mid-19e century followed by a question-and-answer session. To take advantage of the program, participants must register in advance using the link or by scanning the QR code.

Once registered, more information will be sent to your email address. Direct all your questions and concerns to the educator of the Historical Society of Rome, Miranda Sherrock, at [email protected]

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