Training program

Advisor Bhatnagar discusses “Synergistic Training Program Using Science and Technology Infrastructure” at University of Kashmir

Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor, Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, today remarked that NEP-2020 has created an appropriate platform in universities and other educational institutions to translate research, ideas and innovations into actions for the betterment of society.

The adviser made the remarks during his address at the inaugural session of the one-week Synergistic Training Program Utilizing Science and Technology Infrastructure (STUTI) at Gandhi Bhawan, University of Kashmir here.

The week-long program is organized by the Department of Physics, University of Kashmir in collaboration with Shivaji University in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, with the support of the Government Department of Science and Technology. From India.

Addressing the large gathering of scientists, scholars, researchers and students from different universities in the country, Councilor Bhatnagar pointed out that collaborations between different universities and institutions with the sharing of infrastructure, ideas and research and the movement of scholars and researchers are of utmost importance. because it gives impetus to research efforts. He added that these collaborations create a platform for interactions where some of the unique brains and minds from various institutions meet and integrate, thus producing something of significance for our nation as well as for the entire world.

The advisor added that the current era is the era of science and technology and technology has changed our way of life. He added that science and technology have created many solutions to the problems faced by our current civilization.

Highlighting the importance of the programme, Councilor Bhatnagar said that through STUTI, human resources and its knowledge capacity through open access to science and technology infrastructure across the country will be enhanced. He added that thanks to this platform, proper and optimal use of different equipment can be achieved and that this conference contributes significantly in this direction.

Speaking about the progress made by the University in recent years, Councilor Bhatnagar remarked that this university is one of the premier institutes in the country and is known for its academic excellence. He added that the Brain Gain program of this university has shown good results and contributes significantly to the excellence of this leading institute.

Underscoring the importance of NEP-2020, Councilor Bhatnagar said that NEP-2020 corrects some of the shortcomings and shortcomings of our education system and with its help the government has expanded and oriented it further. towards research and innovation. He added that mentoring and exchanging ideas is one of the core competencies of NEP-2020 and this program will contribute remarkably in this aspect.

While talking about the progress made by J&K in recent years, Councilor Bhatnagar said that in recent years, J&K has made institutional progress in education and health sectors. He added that two AIIMS institutes, seven new medical schools, a large number of university colleges as well as innovation and incubation centers have been established in J&K.

The adviser further stated that the colleges are being made self-sustaining across the Union territory so that the culture of research and innovation can be amplified here.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University, Prof. Nelofar Khan said that this program is very important because in today’s world we have equipment and technology unique and therefore we must keep abreast of the latest happenings in the world of Science and Technology. She added that through this conference, the Department of Science and Technology, GoI is helping to raise awareness and create know-how on the different uses of some unique equipment they provide to different universities across the country.

STUTI President and former Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University Prof. Talat Ahmad said the training would be conducted on the hub and spoke model and envisaged to have a hands-on training program and awareness of the condition art. equipment as well as its sharing with seamless access to science and technology facilities.

In his welcome address, the Registrar of the University of Kashmir said that this is a week-long program for scholars, researchers, scientists and others.

Others who spoke on the occasion included Secretary, Research and Development, Department of Science and Technology, GoI, SS Kohli, Dean of Academic Affairs, University of Kashmir, Prof. Farooq Ahmad Masoodi, and the STUTI manager, Professor Farooq Mir.

Among others, the inaugural session was attended by the Vice-Chancellor of IUST, Professor Shakeel Ahmad Ramshoo, Deans of various Departments, Heads of Departments, Researchers and a large number of students.