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A thriving and sincere service dog training business arose from the ashes of life-changing medical adversities


Colorado Springs, CO – Company owner Mikayla Bass overcame her own medical challenges and now leads the pack thanks to Charmed Dog Training, as well as the highly respected breeding arm of Charmed golden retrievers. Charmed Dogs not only helps clients strengthen their relationship with their dogs and overcome obedience issues, but can also help at a much higher level if there is a need for a service dog.

Charmed dogs is a family business and was born out of a determined woman’s love for animals and her passion to help those in need. As the owner of Charmed Dogs, Mikayla Bass’s main desire for her business is to use the adversities that have changed her life to provide top-notch assistance dogs to the disabled community.

The story of Charmed Dogs is inspiring to say the least. After suffering a concussion as a varsity athlete in 2014, Mikayla was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a rare and life-threatening neuromuscular disease that caused a communication gap between her muscles and nerves. This means that she could not voluntarily lift a finger or open an eyelid, and sometimes she was unable to swallow. Although it was a dreadful time, Mikayla drew her strength from her God-given fighting spirit as a varsity athlete and her academic achievements. She also relied heavily on God, her family, her community, and her wonderful service dog, Ava.

Mikayla was assisted by Ava in her daily tasks like turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors, retrieving items, etc. Ava could also call 911 on her dog phone in a serious emergency. Meanwhile, Mikayla’s mother Kelly was doing daily research to turn Mikayla from incurable to miracle. The research led her to a life-changing doctor in New Mexico who performed neurological acupuncture, and from that point on, Mikayla was on the road to recovery. She is now considered a miracle by her neurologist! It was Ava, her now retired service dog, who inspired the idea of ​​starting a business to help people with disabilities with service dogs. From the ashes of medical adversity, Mikayla has overcome all obstacles and adversities to heal herself and now strives to help others through her heartfelt passion, Charmed Dogs.

Today a leading company in the field of dog training, Charmed Dogs helps many people meet their specific dog training needs and specializes in training high level assistance dogs. Charmed Dogs has the knowledge to identify and address obedience issues associated with dogs of all breeds and personalities. This remarkable company also has expertise in advanced obedience, puppy training and tower training.

Charmed Dog’s results-based training programs improve the relationship between owner and dog. These services ease tensions between dog and owner, as well as with other dogs, allowing dogs to socialize and be included in all aspects of their owner’s life.

The results-based obedience training that serves as a starting point for general pet owners as well as service dog clients focuses on basic commands. This program educates owners on the teaching methods and tactics necessary to help their dogs reach their full potential quickly and lays the foundation for advanced controls.

Finally, with their ultimate breeding program specifically designed to provide high quality assistance dog candidates, Charmed Golden Retrievers, fills the void for those with special needs. Charmed Golden Retrievers has invested in a well-behaved program focused on raising puppies indoors and socializing them from day one until they leave for their new family. The goal is not only to improve the golden retriever breed, but also to provide loving, healthy companions and working dogs to our client families.

Charmed Golden Retrievers are valuable members of the service team (assistance dog / handler), sport dogs and family members. The mission of Charmed Golden Retrievers is clearly to provide happy, healthy puppies for high quality needs.

Charmed dog training serves clients in the Colorado Springs, Black Forest, Peyton / Falcon, Monument and Castle Rock areas and provides a wide range of dog training services such as:

● The puppy’s success begins

● Assistance dog training

● Obedience dog training

● Advanced obedience training

● Dog training off leash

● Responsible breeding with charmed Golden Retrievers

Jill Wiser, a client of the company, shared her experience – “The best dog trainers of all time! We trained Lucy with Charmed Dogs and we were absolutely blown away by the difference in her after they worked their magic. Lucy found it very difficult to gently walk on a leash and jump on strangers. We were so excited to finally be able to enjoy our walks with her and she knows how to welcome strangers so much better! Our favorite command is certainly the place command, where they taught Lucy to stay calm at a specific point in our house. We use it all the time now, especially when others come to visit us or we have dinner. Our house is much more peaceful after training. We are so grateful to the entire Charmed Dog team, they treated Lucy like family and we will always use them in the future!Said Ms. Wiser.

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